Metro Nashville Public Schools has partnered with Vanderbilt Health to provide comprehensive health care services to MNPS and Metro Government employees through four Health Care Center locations in the Nashville area.


Our Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are board-certified and hold master’s degrees in nursing. They conduct exams, diagnose and manage acute and chronic illnesses, and prescribe medications when needed. Our medical director is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Pediatrics at Vanderbilt and is board certified in Family Medicine.


All of our practitioners are highly trained and experienced, and work as a team to provide care that respects your needs, culture, values and preferences.


Meet our team

Director, MNPS Employee Health: Lori Netti

Director, Advance Practice Clinics, Vanderbilt: Lori Crews
Manager, MNPS Employee Health: Jennifer Hall

Office Supervisor: Jennifer Scruggs

Medical Director: Dr. Martha Shepherd

Assistant Manager, Patient Care Services: Laura Vanderpool

Care Coordinators:

Bobbi Nickel

Shannon Arnold

Referral Coordinator: Karen White

Triage RN: Monica Christian


Berry Hill

Staff Wellness Coordinator: Johnsie Holt

Pharmacists: Daniel Atchley, Leanne Rein

Physical Therapists: Don Bursch, Brittany Myczkowski

Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner: Alexandra Kuchler

Chiropractor: Louis Obersteadt

Family Nurse Practitioners:

Marty Sutherland

Ashlee Lecorps

Barbara Wolff

Catherine Evans

Raymond Romano

Charlotte Covington


Two Rivers

Family Nurse Practitioners:

Andi Honeycutt

Amy Fortner

Louisa Tur 


Taylor Stratton

Family Nurse Practitioners:

Amy Armstrong

Brianne Connor

Lacey Cross

Dana Manning

Allison Sullivan

Jeannie Wood


Mt. View

Family Nurse Practitioner: Rhonda Hollins-Dortch

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner: Alyssa Miller 

Vanderbilt Health at
MNPS Employee & Family Health Care Centers​