Behavioral health


Onsite behavioral health services are available at the MNPS Employee Wellness Center at Berry Hill only 

Need help with a behavioral health or emotional concern? Our onsite behavioral health nurse practitioner and/or onsite psychologist can help with a range of issues.


Our behavioral health NP can assist with the following concerns and will work with you to assess your problem, develop a care plan, provide counseling or a counseling referral, prescribe medication if indicated, monitor your progress, adjust your treatment and/or medication regimen as needed, and collaborate with your primary care provider as needed:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Grief and other emotional problems
  • Relationships at work and home
  • Substance abuse and misuse
  • And more


Services offered by our onsite psychologist include:

  • ADHD diagnosis 
    • Adult and Child
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder 
    • Adolescent, Adult
  • Learning disabilities
    • Adult (This service may be appropriate for adults struggling with job performance and concerned about a possible learning disability or cognitive processing disorder.)
  • Career assessment
    • Adult (This service may be appropriate for employees struggling in their current positions and wishing to explore positions that might be a better fit).


Scheduling an appointment

To make an appointment with our behavioral health nurse or psychologist, call 615-259-8755.



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